The Model Wife


Even a good woman can be pushed too far...From bestselling author Tricia Stringer, this beautifully realised multi-generational family story looks at what happens when real-life betrayals and struggling relationships clash with outdated ideas of what a woman should be.

Natalie King's life is full. Some might say too full. With her teaching job, a farm to run, three grown daughters who have not quite got a handle on things, a reserved husband and a demanding mother-in-law, most days she is too busy to think about whether she is happy. But her life has meaning, doesn't it? After all, she is the one person everyone depends upon.

But when an odd gift from her mother-in-law - an old book in the form of stern and outdated advice for young wives - surfaces again, it brings with it memories she thought she had buried deep. Has this insidious little book exerted some kind of hold over her? Could it be that in her attempts to be a loving wife and mother, she no longer knows who she is?

On a day when it seems everyone is taking her for granted, and as the ghost of a past betrayal rises, it becomes clear that even this good mother and model wife can be pushed too far ...



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1 October 2019

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  • Kindle Customer

    The Model Wife
    Interesting easy going read.

    December 9, 2021
  • Kjane TOP 500 REVIEWER

    Loved this!
    This is yet another wonderful story by [author:Tricia Stringer|6586804] and I am keen to read more.The story encompasses three generations of a family who live on a large farm in rural South Australia. Natalie is the wife of Milt the current owner of the farm he inherited from his father Clem. His mother Olive lives in a unit in town and Natalie has a weekly chore in between helping on the farm and teaching part-time of shopping and cleaning for her widowed mother-in-law. Natalie’s three adult daughters all appear to be converging for a weekend.Bree still lives on the farm but is constantly going head to head with her father about the running of the farm. Kate is married and she and her husband Sean are unable to have children and she is content with that. Laura is considered the black sheep, having moved to Adelaide where she works as a hairdresser and tends to shock her family with her outrageous hair colours.Natalie hits a pivotal point in her life that makes her question her life and on a whim she flees interstate leaving everyone in her wake stunned. It is only then they realise how much Natalie does for all of them.Great characters and a story that is contemporary and very thought provoking.

    December 9, 2021
  • Tweedvale Girl Book Reviews TOP 50 REVIEWER

    True to the lives of older women.
    Natalie King has three grown up daughters Kate, Bree and Laura and she and her husband Milt run the family farm. Like all families they have had their ups and downs but a past mistake made by Milt has been kept a secret from his daughters. Nat has a health scare; this makes her look back at the past, her relationship with her husband and her life in general.Natalie King’s life is busy; she’s a wife, mother, a teacher, she does the farms book work and calls in to see her mother in law Olive on the way home from work. She’s juggling so many things, from the outside she seems cool, calm, collected and has everything under control. Milt is like most Aussie blokes, he’s wrapped up in his farm and it’s never entered his thick head that his wife might want to go on a holiday or have a conversation that doesn’t involve what needs to be done around the farm and she’s sick of it.The Kings family has an old fashioned book called The Model Wife it’s been passed down to all new brides in the family for generations; when Natalie received it from Olive, it made her feel inadequate and thirty five years later it still makes her feel the same.Natalie is fed up, she asked her boss Paul for some time off, catches a plane to Broome and her family has no idea why she’s left? While Nat is enjoying the sun, Milt and the girls start to reflect on how they have treated her, the family discovers they have all been rather selfish and is it too late for them to make it up to Natalie?I loved The Model Wife, it’s a perfect book to read if you live in Australia or have an interest in what’s it’s like to live in Australia and especially in Adelaide! Many of the topics and situations included in the story made me laugh out loud and it’s very relevant to me.

    December 9, 2021

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