The Last Protector (Clayton White Book 1)


From the acclaimed author of the Pierce Hunt series comes a thrilling novel featuring a Secret Service agent who takes on a ruthless foe to protect the country he serves and the woman he loves.

Former air force combat rescue officer Special Agent Clayton White now works for the Secret Service performing routine escort missions for politicians. These missions may not be quite as exciting as his time in the military, but Clayton’s okay with that. It gives him more time to see his girlfriend, Veronica Hammond—an archaeologist who also happens to be the vice president elect’s daughter.

But Clayton’s seemingly manageable new routine takes a startling turn when South African mercenaries target Veronica at an awards gala celebrating her work. After this attempt on Veronica’s life, Clayton enters a complicated web of lies, betrayal, and dangerous government secrets.

As Clayton gets closer to the truth, he encounters unexpected foes pitted against questionable allies. With enemies at every turn, the only constant Clayton can rely on is Veronica. But when the threat against her turns on him, too, he faces an impossible choice: love or country.



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261 pages

Publication Date

1 November 2021

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  • Bill M TOP 500 REVIEWER

    Fast, exciting, great storyline
    (Amazon First Reads – October 2021.) This somewhat short novel (261 pages) is from a most accomplished author who has not wasted any words on unnecessary padding to lengthen the story that moves along at a fast clip. Almost from the very beginning, the reader is left in no doubt who the various combatants are and why they are in the positions they’re in. Clayton White, whose military and decision making skills are very quickly established, and his friend, Veronica Hammond, are the only ones who have no knowledge of why events pan out as they do. The story therefore is about the revelations that unfold as Clayton White participates in many gun battles. Highly recommended for those who enjoy political and military conspiracies and heroes who are able to extract themselves from often seemingly impossible situations.

    December 8, 2021
  • Ewenm

    Bit formulaic and a bit short
    Enjoyed the story line ticking along with interesting characters and plots. Well written leaving me looking for more from the protagonists.

    December 8, 2021
  • Davey TOP 500 REVIEWER

    Best read in years!
    “The Last Protector” by Simon Gervais is packed with action from first to last page. It is competently written but not epic.

    December 8, 2021

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